2020 IOAPA YOG Reunion Highlights

2020 IOAPA YOG Reunion Highlights

For many Olympic Games now, IOAPA has been organising meetings for its members. The Olympic Games are one of the best times for IOAPA members to reunite and rekindle the Spirit which was shared in Olympia.

Last January 18th, by occasion of the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games, in Lausanne, IOAPA members came together for one more IOAPA Reunion at the Olympics.

Prior to the reunion Mr. Neil Beecroft (Head of Sustainability , Lausanne 2020) and Ms. Amy Dahmen (Program Manager, Yunus Sports Hub) gave a most interesting presentation on the topic of sustainability.

The reunion was a success and we are very glad that so many of our members got to attend it, while also being actively engaged in the games (as volunteers, staff, spectators, officials, ...), having a good time, sharing their experiences and reconnecting with others.

IOAPA is especially thankful to Mr. Neil Beecroft and Ms. Amy Dahmen for their presentations on sustability, to Mr. Thomas Junod, our local organiser, and to the Canton de Vaud for their sponsorship to this reunion.

To all our members, we hope you have also enjoyed this reunion and look forward to reunite again in Tokyo 2020.

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