IOAPA Elections

IOAPA Elections

If you’re a member of the IOAPA, somehow attending a Session at the IOA has changed your life for the better. Like many of us, maybe you made friends for life or figured out what you wanted to do for the rest of your life.

At the very least, you had a blast and love to reminisce about that time.

Why not give back by attending our IOAPA Session and engaging in the Executive Committee?

How it works

Elections are coming, during the IOAPA Online Session.

Members of the Executive Committee are elected for a period of two (2) years. They are eligible for reelection at the end of any term of office.

All details related to our election process and positions are listed below:

Election Rules

  1. Write a short (200 words) essay stating why you want to run for this position and a rationale for why you are qualified. You may also submit a:
    • Bio or short CV (one page maximum), and 
    • Short video (maximum 2 minutes) which will be made available to members.
  2. Be sure to name the IOAPA member who is nominating you for this position (Please provide the name, country and email of the person - This will be verified by the IOAPA).
  3. A two (2) minute live presentation by each candidate will be allowed during a Question & Answer period prior to the elections, allowing for members to ask questions of the candidates. 
  4. The order of the Elections will be as follows: President, followed by the other positions in this order: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Internet Coordinator, IOA Liaison, Marketing Officer, Head of Country Coordinators, Research Coordinator.
  5. Candidates may be nominated for up to two (2) positions. If elected to a position, the candidate’s name will be removed from subsequent positions.
  6. Please see all Executive Committee positions and respective duties.
  7. All nominations are due to the Elections Commission 30 days prior to the Elections date (March 17th, 2023, 23:59 Central European Summer Time (CET)). Applications will NOT be accepted after that date.
  8. Twenty-four (24) hours prior to the election, voting members will be emailed a personalised username and password by the platform administrator. At that time the voting system will be closed, and no members will be assigned voting credentials afterwards.
  9. On Election Day, members must check in with their username and password to enter the voting session. Members who are late to enter the voting session will be locked out and ineligible to vote. The administrator will be standing by to help anyone with difficulties.
    • Members are asked to participate in the Election using reliable connectivity. If a voting member experiences connectivity issues during the election, they must contact the designated elections administrator immediately.
  10. The elections will be conducted in the order of the position listed above.
  11. If a candidate does not receive an absolute majority in the first round for a position, a second round will take place between the two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of votes and will be decided by a simple majority.
  12. Voting will be done electronically using a secured third party voting platform that ensures anonymity. No member can be identified by name, so the voting is private and secure.

Thank you for considering to run for an IOAPA position!

Positions and Job Descriptions

There are 11 positions on the Executive Committee, each with specific responsibilities.

  • President
    DUTIES: The President shall oversee day-to-day operations of the Association and shall monitor the work and progress of the Executive Committee.  At the request of one of the Officers, the President may appoint someone to assist an officer in the tasks of the Association.  The President shall represent the IOAPA at all Sessions of the IOA or appoint a representative to attend on his/her behalf and make a presentation to the participants about the purpose of the Association.
  • Vice-President
    DUTIES: The Vice-President/IOAPA Chair shall assist the President in the day-to-day operation of the Association and help monitor the work and progress of the Executive Committee.  The Vice-President/IOAPA Session Chair shall be responsible for organising the next Session of the IOAPA by collecting, organising, and disseminating all information about IOAPA Sessions to the membership and to all National Olympic Academies.
  • Secretary
    DUTIES: The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence of the Association, including sending and receiving all applications for membership in coordination with the Treasurer, maintaining the membership database in coordination with the Internet Officer, and helping the Newsletter Editor publish and disseminate the official newsletter to the membership.
  • Treasurer
    DUTIES: The Treasurer shall keep the financial books and records of the Association in accordance with good accounting practices, collecting any monies received by the Association, paying all expenditures in accordance with a budget approved by the officers and submitting to the officers twice a year, the financial report of the Association.
  • Newsletter Editor
    DUTIES: The Newsletter Editor shall be responsible for collecting and organising the news and announcements of the Association and ensuring IOAPA’s presence in other publications: IOA Journal and others.  The Arete newsletter shall be disseminated at least twice a year (3-4 times usually). The Newsletter Editor shall work closely with the Secretary and Internet Coordinator of the Association to coordinate the mailing list of the members.
  • Internet/Website Coordinator
    DUTIES: The Internet Coordinator shall be responsible for the creation and maintenance of the IOAPA Website, as well as ensure a dynamic online presence.  All materials displayed on the Website shall be approved by the Executive Committee. The Internet Coordinator shall act as Mail Group moderator, update members regularly (once a month) on events related to the Olympic Movement and shall provide IOAPA membership with all possible services that the new technologies and IOAPA resources might allow.
  • IOA Liaison Officer
    DUTIES: The IOA/Liaison shall communicate the work of the IOAPA to the IOA, bring information from the IOA to the IOAPA, and assist the IOAPA Session Chair in organising the IOAPA Session. If possible, obtain participants lists from the different IOA Sessions.
  • Marketing Officer
    DUTIES: The Officer shall brand and promote the IOAPA organisation, events, and programs. The Marketing Officer shall be responsible for identifying and securing funding and sponsorship. 
  • Head of Country & Regional Coordinators
    DUTIES: The Head of Country/Regional Coordinators shall be responsible for the coordination of the national/regional IOAPA country coordinators. The Head Coordinator shall maintain and expand an active and effective IOAPA country coordinator network to ensure continuous communication, exchange of good practice and recruitment/promotion of the Association.
  • Research Coordinator
    DUTIES: The Research Coordinator shall be responsible for encouraging and facilitating collaboration between IOAPA members conducting research on topics where the Olympic Movement may have an interest. In addition, the Research Coordinator shall be the IOAPA representative with IOAPA university partners, collects information on upcoming academic conferences or calls for papers and distributes that information regularly to members in conjunction with the IOAPA Internet Coordinator and/or Newsletter Editor.   

  • Immediate Past President (not elected)
    DUTIES: The Immediate Past President shat assist in the transition of the work of the IOAPA from the past Executive Committee to the new Executive Committee and shall be available to assist the new officiers in carrying out their duties.