IOAPA maintains the spirit of attending the International Olympic Academy (IOA) and encourages action after the experiences which educate inspire us all at the IOA.

Benefits to becoming an IOAPA member:

  • Receive 3 editions of Arete Newsletter per year directly in your inbox;
    • Opportunity to publish academic articles in Arete, and the IOA Journal;
  • Receive emails exclusive to members, including academic information and opportunities for our members in different areas of the Olympic Movement;
  • Get access to our IOAPA Session at the IOA in Olympia every two years;
    • Participate in the Executive Committee elections (during the IOAPA Session);
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IOAPA Membership is available to any person who has attended any official IOA session and pays the one time membership fee.

Become  a Member of IOAPA

  1. IOAPA Lifetime Membership - General Membership
  2. Sport for All Membership - A reduced fee to those that cannot afford the full IOAPA membership, IOAPA sponsors these members.

1 IOA Official Sessions are:

  • International Session for Young Olympic Ambassadors
  • Seminar on Olympic Studies for Postgraduate Students
  • Session for Educators
  • Session for Directors of National Olympic Academies
  • Session for Sports Journalists
  • Session for Olympic Medalists
  • Masters Program in Olympic Studies