Hans van Haute Fund

Hans van Haute Fund

Purpose of the Fund

Created in Hans’ memory, the purpose of this fund is to aid those former IOA participants, coordinators, or lecturers who would like to attend an IOAPA session but cannot do so due to lack of financial resources.


If you are interested in applying, please see requirements below.

The amount of the scholarship awarded will only cover airfare, registration fees and board/accommodation. Any additional expenses incurred during the session are the responsibility of the selected recipient.

In order to apply for this scholarship, please send your application BEFORE 31st JANUARY, 2023 by filling THIS FORM.

Documents to be sent:

  • Recommendation letter provided by the supporting NOA/NOC, an Olympic Study Center or another person/organisation - PLEASE SEND VIA EMAIL TO hvh.ioapa@gmail.com
  • Travel plan (travel from a major airport to Athens Greece and return) with a precise cost estimation


Here are the criteria to apply to the Hans van Haute Scholarship.


  1. Must be a current IOAPA Member.
  2. Must demonstrate financial need (unemployment, student, etc.) and documentation may be requested by the Selection Committee.
  3. Must fill the application BEFORE 31st JANUARY, 2023, so that a decision can be made prior to the IOAPA session.
  4. Must send the proper documentation including:
    • Recommendation letter provided by the supporting NOA/NOC, an Olympic Study Center or another person/organisation - PLEASE SEND VIA EMAIL TO hvh.ioapa@gmail.com;
    • Travel plan (travel from a major airport to Athens Greece and return) with a precise cost estimation.


Please consider making a donation to this fund! All donations, great or small, are appreciated.

Donations can be made by contacting the IOAPA Treasurer, Ulrich Rosen.

Other Ways to Donate

During the IOAPA Session, participants are offered two ways to contribute to the fund:

  1. During the registration process, participants can add a monetary contribution;
  2. We also organise a silent auction during one of the social nights. Participants can bring items to be sold during the auction. Here are some ideas for items to bring:
    • Olympic, Paralympic or other Sporting Major Event items (pins, gear, books, etc.);
    • Specialty from your country (something to eat or drink, something handmade, something traditionally made in your country, etc.);
    • Anything else you think would be appreciated from participants.

The proceeds go toward the fund. If items don't sell, you can decide to bring them back home or give them away.

More about Hans van Haute


The Hans van Haute Scholarship Fund, established during the 2001 IOAPA session, was named in honour of the main force behind the creation of our Association. Hans was an IOA participant from Belgium in 1985; however, he died in 1991 but had the opportunity to attend the inaugural IOAPA session in 1989 despite his illness (cancer).

During the 1985 Young Participants Session, Hans van Haute from Belgium was inspired and encouraged by the President of the Academy, Professor Nissiotis, to organize an alumni association of the IOA. On his own initiative, Hans wrote, and mailed a newsletter to all the 1985 participants to keep the spirit alive.

Upon the urging of Yiannis Zoumpoulis (GRE), Professor Nissiotis also put the same thought into the heads of 1986 IOA participants Laurel Brassey Iversen (USA), Ingolfur Hannesson (ISL) and others during a meeting in his office. He promised the IOA facilities free of charge for an IOA alumni meeting.

Shortly after the 1986 session Hannesson also began publishing a newsletter for the participants. Eventually van Haute and Hannesson were connected and coordinated their efforts. Almost immediately following the 1987 session, Paul Baldacchino (MLT), joined forces with Ingolfur and Hans and the three became the driving force behind a reunion in Olympia.

In March 1988 Hannesson and Zoumpoulis met in Athens with IOC member, Mr. Nikos Filaretos, who was also the IOA President following the death of Professor Nissiotis. With Zoumpoulis leading the way in Athens, the final plans for a reunion in 1989 rapidly took shape. Invaluable support came when Mr. Filaretos sent a formal letter on 27 March 1989 informing all NOCs and NOAs around the world about the upcoming meeting and value of such an endeavor to the Olympic Movement.

Recognizing Hans van Haute's dedication to the birth of the IOAPA there was a strong movement at that first conference to make him the organization's first president. But Hans refused all these attempts. Not long after the conference everyone learned that Hans was suffering from cancer. On 13 June 1991, just weeks before the second alumni conference, crushing news came that Hans had lost his battle with cancer.

In 1993 during the IOAPA Session, a tree was planted in memory of Hans van Haute behind the Old Lecture Hall. The first tree survived only a few years and a second tree was planted which thrives there today. The IOAPA also developed the Hans van Haute Scholarship to help participants in need attend the session. The report of each session is sent to Hans' wife, Lieve Bague-De Keersmaecker.

During its short existence, the fund has been able to offer assistance to several participants over the past decade.

-Elizabeth Hanley, Hans van Haute Scholarship Fund Chair 2011-2023

Hans van Haute Scholarship Recipients

For further information about the fund, please contact Elizabeth A. Hanley, Committee Chair.