IOAPA Session 2009 summary

IOAPA Session 2009 summary

IOAPA members from the 5 continents gathered at the IOA in Olympia during the last week of June for the 11th IOAPA Session. The Olympic education week included conferences, archaeological visits, sports, culture and social events.  


The official report of the 11th IOAPA Session is on the making. In the meanwhile we would like to inform you about the major IOAPA news and agreements taken during the session.


The new IOAPA Executive Committee (EC) for the term 2009-2011 was elected. See the composition of the new IOAPA EC here.

The evaluation of the EC work during the term 2007-2009 was highly positive. The new EC was encouraged to continue with the activities and projects that the IOAPA is currently undertaking.


The new EC has set the next major goals for the term 2009-2011:

1)     Keep all current IOAPA activities and projects.

2)     Proceed to the legal registration of the IOAPA in Greece.

3)     Work closely with the new IOA leadership and through the IOA approach the IOC to start the process of official recognition of the IOAPA.


Within the framework of the legal recognition of the IOAPA in Greece, modifications to the by-laws were approved during the Session. See the new version of the IOAPA by-laws here.


A new membership system was adopted. The IOAPA Executive Committee has managed to keep a high number of quality projects at very low cost for the Association. This allowed to remove the membership renewal system. All current members are now considered IOAPA lifetime members. New members paying the entry fee will also become lifetime members. Full details of the new membership system will be send to every IOAPA member. In addition, former lifetime members will be offered different options for compensation.


Finally, a strong recommendation was made to ask for deeper engagement and communication of the membership with the Association. We would like to encourage all of you to share your Olympic news. Projects in which you are involved, activities you are undertaken, participation in seminars and conferences etc. The more information that is shared with your fellow IOAPA members the better for the IOAPA network. The IOAPA EC is at your disposal. 

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