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IOAPA Membership Form

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Please fill in all the required fields. Once your payment has been processed, you will be registered as an official member of the IOAPA. All the information provided below will be used solely for IOAPA internal purposes and will be included in the IOAPA database only accessible by its members. IOAPA will not disclose any of the information below outside its membership.

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DISCLAIMER  - To become a member of the IOAPA you have to have attended an official IOA Session. Official IOA sessions are: IOA Official Sessions are: International Session for Young Participants (YP), Seminar on Olympic Studies for Postgraduate Students (PG), Session for Educators, Session for Directors of National Olympic Academies (NOA), Session for Sports Journalists (SJ), Session for Olympic Medalists (OM) and Masters Program in Olympic Studies (MA).