Join the IOA Online Discussion Group 2012

Join the IOA Online Discussion Group 2012


The International Olympic Academy's 52nd Session for Young Participants will be held from 16th to 30th June 2012 at Ancient Olympia, Greece.

If you wish to be part of this session you can join us through our Online Discussion Group!

Who can participate?


Everybody with a sporting interest is invited to take part in the Online Discussion Group. While you follow the activities of the participants through our archive video streams, you can join us live and online for the lectures during the following period:

Cycle A:  19th to 22nd June 2012


Cycle B:  24th to 28th June 2012

A draft program of the complete session is attached herewith.


How does it work?


All lectures will be streamed live over the web. If you are part of the on-line discussion group, you will get the opportunity to actually put questions to the lecturers and see them answered live over the web. You will also be expected to take part in an on-line discussion group using a chat room created especially for the session. The on-line group will have questions to debate and will contribute towards consolidated conclusions as the discussion groups actually present in Olympia will do.


The language used will be English. We will do our best to ensure that all on-line discussion group members receive in advance the lecturer's papers and the questions.

What if I miss a live-stream?


All the streams from the lectures will be placed on the Internet shortly after they take place in Olympia. So you will have the chance to watch a lecture also after its scheduled time.

Do I need a fast Internet-connection?


No. If you have a 56KB modem (the speed of a normal modem) or any other faster Internet connection you will be able to follow all lectures and take part in the discussions.

Interested in taking part?


Then contact Akhry Ameer by e-mail at stating your name, country, age, occupation, contact details and the cycle(s) you are available for.


Please forward this information to those that might be interested.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Akhry Ameer

Online Discussion Group Coordinator


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