IOAPA Session 2009

IOAPA Session 2009

We are very happy to announce the 11th IOAPA Session to be held at the International Olympic Academy in Olympia from 24th to 30th June 2009.

All IOAPA members are invited to come back to the very special place of Olympia and take part in an inspiring and educational Session that will mark the 20th anniversary of our Association.

Be part of the 11th IOAPA Session and:

- Revive the spirit of Olympia with old and new friends.

- Engage in an IOA holistic education experience: lectures, sports, arts, and social evenings.

- Present your latest research or project on the Olympic field.

- Take an active part in the Association and share your ideas for the future of IOAPA.

- Vote for the next 2-year term IOAPA Executive Committee members.

- If you are committed to serve, be a candidate and get elected to the Executive Committee.

- Celebrate with us the IOAPA 20th anniversary.

The IOA has offered IOAPA members with favourable conditions for our stay at the IOA facilities in Ancient Olympia. Do not miss this opportunity to be back at the IOA!

IOAPA will offer a bus service from Athens to Olympia and back. The schedule will be as follows:

24th June. Departure from Athens at 7:30 AM. Arrival at the IOA in Olympia around 13:00 for lunch.

30th June. Departure from the IOA in Olympia, after breakfast around 8:30 AM. Arrival in Athens around 14:00.

To register to the Session download and fill the Registration form and send it to IOAPA Vice-President Nicolette Wolf.

Hope to see as many of you as possible in Olympia this summer!

Yours in Olympism,

IOAPA Executive Committee

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