Be Part of the Action – Get Elected in 2019

Be Part of the Action – Get Elected in 2019

If you’re a member of the IOAPA, somehow attending a Session at the IOA has changed your  life for the better. Like many of us, maybe your made friends for life or figured out what you wanted to do for the rest of your life.

At the very least, you had a blast and love to reminisce about that time.

Why not give back by attending our IOAPA Session and engaging in the Executive Committee?

How it works

Elections are coming up in June, during the IOAPA Session in Olympia (16th-22nd, June). For the occasion, an Election Committee will be appointed and run the elections.

Anyone attending the Session can get elected for a position.

NOTE: Members wanting to run for a position but who are unable to attend the General Assembly shall write a nomination letter in advance to the Executive Committee expressing their interest for the position.

Members of the Executive Committee are elected for a period of two (2) years. They are eligible for reelection at the end of any term of office.

Positions and Job Descriptions

There are 10 positions on the Executive Committee, each with specific responsibilities.

  • President
    DUTIES: In charge of the general management of the association, supervise Executive Committee Members, communicate and liaise with the IOA and other organisations as well as represent the IOAPA whenever possible.
  • Vice-president
    DUTIES: Organise the IOAPA Session, support the President in all tasks. The Vice-President may be called to represent the IOAPA in replacement of the President.
  • Secretary
    DUTIES: Organise the Executive Committee meetings, keeping an archive of the minutes, occasionally supporting the President and Vice-President in their tasks and assisting the Finance Committee and Treasurer.
  • Treasurer
    DUTIES: Generally responsible for the association’s finances, such as: accepting payments for memberships and sessions, providing a report twice a year to Executive Committee, creating a provisional budget for the 2-year period immediately after the IOAPA Session.
  • IOA Liaison Officer
    DUTIES: Based in Greece, this person is in charge of communications with the IOA. Support the Vice-President in organising the IOAPA Session.
  • Newsletter Editor
    DUTIES: Prepare and release one Arete Edition per 3-4 months. Sollicitate IOAPA members and other collaborators for articles and updates on their area of responsibility. Ensure IOAPA’s presence in other publications: IOA Journal and others.
  • Internet/Website Coordinator
    DUTIES: Ensure a dynamic online presence: updating IOAPA’s website as needed, sending one information email per month to IOAPA members, updating the IOAPA database and mailing list; setting up registrations and sending invitations to members for Reunions and IOAPA Sessions.
  • Head of Country & Regional Coordinators
    DUTIES: Motivate country representatives to keep an IOA network in their countries and keep past IOA participants active and connected. Source content for the Arete Newsletter, attract new IOAPA members through the country representatives, attract participants for the IOAPA Session through the country representatives and other IOA Sessions.
  • Marketing Officer
    DUTIES: Actively promote the IOAPA through representation at IOA Sessions and other events. Obtain participants lists from the different IOA Sessions. Create IOAPA promotional material.
  • Research & Partnerships Coordinator
    DUTIES: Find academic or other relevant information for members including: conferences, call for proposals, academic and job opportunities, etc., contribute to Arete Newsletter. Liaise with partners and collaborate on initiatives benefiting both organisations.
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