Hans van Haute Scholarship Criteria

Hans van Haute Scholarship Criteria

Here are the criteria to apply to the Hans van Haute Scholarship.


  1. Must be a current IOAPA member.
  2. Must demonstrate financial need (unemployment, student, etc.) and documentation may be requested by the Selection Committee.
  3. Must fill the application BEFORE JANUARY 13th, 2023, so that a decision can be made prior to the IOAPA session.
  4. Must send the proper documentation including:
    • Recommendation letter provided by the supporting NOA/NOC, an Olympic Study Center or another person/organisation - PLEASE SEND VIA EMAIL TO hvh.ioapa@gmail.com;
    • Travel plan (travel from a major airport to Athens Greece and return) with a precise cost estimation.

The amount of any scholarship awarded will vary with the amount of money available and will only be a portion of the amount needed. No one will be funded completely.

Please communicate with: Elizabeth Hanley, Hans Van Haute Scholarship Fund Chair for any question.