Hans van Haute Donations

Hans van Haute Donations

Please donate to this fund!

Donations, great or small, will be appreciated.

Send all donations via Paypal to the IOAPA Treasurer, Ulrich Rosen

Donations can now be made "IN MEMORY OF" and "IN HONOUR OF".
See example below

In Memory of Dr John Powell

An opportunity to contribute to the Hans van Haute Scholarship Fund for those who would like to remember John is now available.
You may do so "In memory of John T. Powell". This will provide the financial opportunity for one of our members to attend a future IOAPA session. Please join us in remembering John.

"John Powell was one of the most popular lecturers and discussion group leaders at the IOA, beginning in 1972. He was a University of Guelph (Canada) professor who initially inspired me, and many others, in 1977 when I was a "young participant" at the IOA and Olympism became an integral part of my life. During the many years I was fortunate to be invited to the IOA as lecturer, discussion group coordinator, and dance workshop director, John continued to rekindle that inspiration! Until his death at the age of 81 years on 31 October 2000, John was not only an inspiring lecturer but one who easily shared his thoughts, ideas, and expertise with those who were fortunate enough to be in his discussion groups. His poetry, and particularly Olympia’s Quietness,* became a favorite of mine, and combining it with dance during Kevin Whitney’s Arts Happening evenings for the years we worked together made it a special part of those evenings."

Betz Hanley donated in memory of Dr John Powell