Hans van Haute Scholarship 2015 Recipient

Hans van Haute Scholarship 2015 Recipient

Martina TomisicThis year’s recipient of the Hans van Haute Scholarship Fund was Martina Tomšič, from Ljubljana, Slovenia. A participant at the 2004 Young Participants Session, she has been a member of IOAPA ever since. Martina combined sport participation (Fencing) with academic study and is reading a PhD in Philosophy. Her research focuses on embodied cognition and the application of self-consciousness to movement.

An experienced fencing coach and Technical Official, Martina recently volunteered as a Flamekeeper (Technical Volunteer) at the 1ST European Games in Baku. This was the focus of her presentation at Olympia, titled "Flamekeepers – The First European Games: A reflection on volunteering in the fencing competition".

Remarking on the IOAPA session, with support from the fund, Martina notes:

"It was really nice to come back to Olympia and be part of this amazing experience. The presentations were very thought provoking. I will take the information and utilise it for involvement with the NOA."

"The fund allowed me to participate, covering all accommodation costs in Olympia and part of Athens. Since I am currently a PhD student, the fund enabled me to consider coming and actually take part."

Inspired by her experience at the session, Martina intends to become IOAPA Country Coordinator for Slovenia over the next two years.